‘One Ocean’ Symposium

On 24 August, AELA co-hosted the ‘One Ocean’ Symposium in New York.  For an overview of the event, and for links to presentations, please visit this blog page – https://news.griffith.edu.au/2019/09/10/one-ocean-symposium-for-united-nations-treaty-negotiations/

Please join us for thought-provoking presentations and discussions with delegates, academics, policy makers and NGOs, exploring key issues for the United Nations’ proposed treaty on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ).

Download the symposium flyer and program
Registration is FREE but bookings are essential: https://bbnj.eventbrite.com.au

Morning Symposium: 9am to 2pm
Exploring Key Issues for the BBNJ Treaty Negotiations

Read about the speakers and their presentations here

From 9am, join us for a series of presentations from global experts on elements of the BBNJ treaty and cross-sectoral issues, including marine genetic resource governance, environmental impact assessments, area based management plans and technology transfer.

Enjoy 10-minute presentations followed by discussions with global experts on elements of the BBNJ treaty and cross cutting issues, including:

  • marine genetic resources, including the question of sharing benefits from their use;
  • environmental impact assessments;
  • area based management tools, including marine protected areas;
  • technology transfer and capacity building;
  • use of knowledge, including traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge;
  • governance models and questions of adjacency; and
  • questions of monitoring, control and surveillance.

Afternoon Workshop: 2.30pm to 5pm
‘Rights of Nature’ Beyond National Jurisdiction

From 2.30pm there will be a ground-breaking exploration of how ‘Rights of Nature’ laws may apply to the context of ocean biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction and the key issues raised in the morning session. The Rights of Nature approach represents a paradigm shift, where nature is recognized as having its own legal right to exist, regenerate and evolve.

Join us for an interactive workshop that will explore the potential of the Rights of Nature legal approach to support BBNJ.

The workshop will include:

  1. Short presentations about the Rights of Nature, including:
  • Rights of Nature movement and laws around the world — Dr Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance
  • Regional Convention on the Rights of Pacific Ocean — Dr Victor David, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, New Caledonia
  • BBNJ and Rights of Nature — Dr Harriet Harden Davies, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security
  1. Facilitated discussions to develop a research plan for a project exploring the feasibility of applying a Rights of Nature approach to BBNJ governance.

Drinks and Networking:  5pm—5.45pm

This event is FREE but bookings are essential

Please book your place at: https://bbnj.eventbrite.com.au

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